Although it is quite a drizzly day, as a necessity of life coffee must be consumed. Preferably in cozy and inspiring places. Yesterday, I visited the Koko Coffee and Design store/coffee bar at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal (near the Nieuwmarkt). The concept is clear: coffee and clothes. A pretty damn great concept if you ask me. Especially as the interior is clean but creative and the staff is nice. 

I tend to be deterred by small stores and bars, as they make me feel like all eyes are on me. Like the pressure to actually buy something is too big. Especially when you are the only customer. I had no such experience at Koko's though, although it is small and only offers a few seats. You can have coffee on the patio in the front of the store, or walk straight to the back of the store where it is nice and quiet. In between you find labels like Wood Wood and Libertine Libertine. (They might have a thing with repetition at Koko's.) A great plus is that Koko sells the shoe label Eva vs. Maria: a Dutch label that is know for its blunt but somehow elegant and innovative shoes. 

So if you did not make plans for your Saturday stroll along the city center, try to squeeze in a visit to Koko's. You will probably be back soon again. 

Happy Saturday!

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First image by City Hotspotter / 2,3,4 by me / 5 by Crowdaboutnow. 

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    1. Hi Lauren, het is echt een heel fijne spot voor een koffietje. Wel oppassen dat je niet per ongeluk ook nog de hele winkel leeg koopt haha. Fijne dag vandaag! x

  2. Like it! Ziet er heel leuk uit! Ben hier terecht gekomen door je profiel op

    1. Hi Jennifer, leuk om te horen. Ennuh... zou Koko's zeker even proberen. x

  3. Vind het er heel leuk uit zien!

    1. Hi Alexa, is het ook! Zou het zeker een keer proberen. :-) Fijne dag vandaag, liefs Floor

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