About two months ago, I accidentally stumbled upon the Amsterdam based fashion brand First of August at Restored - one of my favorite lifestyle stores in the city - and fell for a basic, but beautifully executed robe in a dark blue. Truth be told, a First of August piece does not come cheap but the fact that the clothes are designed in Amsterdam and produced locally makes up for a big part of it. At least, that is my way to justify buying expensive clothes. 

Shopping yourself into debt is not that fashionable though and so I decided to wait for the 50% sale to start. There were still three Oslo coats available when that time came and so I bought myself my first First of August piece just before Fashion Week started. And no, I do not feel even the slightest shame when I say that this coat makes me happy. I know it will do so for a long time.. :-)

Posting a picture of me wearing that FoA coat, started a fun conversation with their initiators on Instagram. Apparently, FoA just opened their first Popup store called Fragments in De Pijp! Definitely a hotspot this month, especially since they organize a sample sale this weekend. Check out the Facebook event for more info. If you are not able to join me, keep an eye on their lecture evenings. FoA.Academy is a platform for young intellectuals to connect fashion, culture and social trends to sociological insights. Fashion with brains, I like that! 

I cannot wait to see what the popup store looks like. It might be a great idea to leave my wallet at home though. But that might as well be stupid as hell.

Will you be taking a peek this weekend?

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. ziet er heel tof uit, zo anders dat het leuk is!

    1. Hi Alexa! En dat het een echt Amsterdams label is maakt het natuurlijk nog leuker. :-) Ga zeker dit weekend even kijken...x


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