We only get to see 5 percent of the 60 million artworks that are part of the collection of the vast variety of Dutch museums. I knew that there were a lot of hidden gems in their storage, but this number actually shocked me. It means that in our search for renewal an innovation, we forget about some of the masters of the past. Big names, but also those who are not that known by the general public. De Wereld Draait Door - a leading Dutch television show - took over the Allard Pierson Museum in the heart of Amsterdam and invited ten guest curators to decorate a room to their taste, creating their very first DWDD Popup Museum! 

So how does it work? Every guest curator was appointed a museum's art bunker. For example: Artist Jasper Krabbé got to explore the Stedelijk Museum, actress Halina Reijn the Museum de Fundatie and editor in chief at Harper's Bazaar Cécile Narinx got to play with the fashion collection at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. They had full access to the collection and were given a free hand in both picking out the artworks and their room's design. Something that really shows from this unusual exhibition as it has become a hodgepodge of styles and interest. All the more surprising by the way and a true reflection of the individual curator's mind. 

The biggest contrast I have seen, apart from the different tastes in art, is the way the curators decorated their rooms. A lot of them chose to collect an enormous amount of small works, stacked on top of each other like they were scared to miss something. Some of them though, had the courage to only display a few artworks. Creating a calm and spacious room. My favorite room by far is the one curated by Jasper Krabbé. He displays artworks of Julio Galàn - one of his art heroes -, Julian Schnabel, Francesco Clemente and himself (see pic n.5). My favorite piece in the room though is that of Enzo Cucchi, named Viaggio eroico (1980). Another room that surprised me is the one created by Pieter van Vollenhoven and Nico de Haan. These curators selected a few big works from the Rijksmuseum and the special collection of the University of Amsterdam. And although I usually prefer modern art, I was really impressed by the popping colors and vibrant nature scenes in their room. 

The DWDD Poppup Museum is located at the Allard Pierson Museum on the Oude Turfmarkt 127. So there is really no excuse to not visit it, as it is right in the center of Amsterdam. 

Really curious of what is your favorite room. Will you let me know after you went? And thank you DWDD for letting me visit the exhibition!  

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  1. Wauw, mooi geschreven Floor. Ik lees het enthousiasme in je artikel. Mijn favoriet: de zwart-wit foto's van Fidan XX


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