I tried to avoid it, but the first day of 2015 kind of forced me to look back at the year that past. With a heavy head from all the bubbles I drank last night, I realize that it has been quite an eventful one. Probably the year in which I met more people than ever before. Blogging clearly contributed to that a lot and what I never expected happened: my online life merged with my daily life. Presenting me lots of opportunities and new friends. Although not everyone around me understands, blogging became such a habit over the past year that I cannot imagine a life without it. I cannot wait for everything that is about to happen in 2015, but let me take you back to some of my favorite moments of 2014 in this kind of cheesy but unavoidable article. 

The year started off pretty great with being chosen as a special reporter during Amsterdam Fashion Week in January. I got to see all the shows, meet the designers and just experience everything that Fashion Week has to offer. And..remember that I had dark brown hair? ;-) 

After Fashion Week, I realized that meeting and interviewing inspiring people is something I really like. Some of my highlights of this year are therefore the interviews I did with Nancy Schoenmakers and Chris van den Elzen. Both were so nice and inspiring to talk to. I also realized that I needed to expand the scope of my blog in order to cover everything I love to write about. From fashion, I went to more of a lifestyle blog containing lots of art, design and Amsterdam based hotspots too. 

That decision gave me the opportunity to participate in the Villa Arena x Blogtoday blogging contest, in which I made it to the top three. Together with a few other bloggers, we were presented an actual blogging course that educated us with the ins and outs of professional blogging. If you are curious about some of the best tips, check out the article I wrote about it. I still have to spend that check I won though...But I might just do that soon. ;-)

I also collaborated with brands for the first time this year. Invito, Juniqe, Het Mauritshuis and NOTICE are just a few of the ones I worked with. The same goes for being featured in the press. I got to tell my story in two newspapers, have a weekly radio column - listen to my latest one here -, was featured in VT Wonen and got a few other cool mentions. Such a great surprise! 

Now, before I start to sound like I am totally high on everything that happened I will just conclude with thanking everyone that was a big part of this amazing year. I guess the ones I am talking about, know I mean them when reading this. Besides, you are probably the most important part of everything I got to experience. Without you, I would be like a pizza without cheese or a photographer without a camera. So I really hope that the changes I have in mind for in the new year will only make this blog more interesting for you. 

I am really curious of your 2014 story and I hope it was just as exciting as mine. I wish you all the best for 2015. Let's kick off the new year with a bang!

Big kiss,


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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi Hoi! Superleuke terugblik op 2014! Jij hebt een heel leuk jaar gehad. Ik wens je ook al het beste voor 2015! Lees iets over mijn terugblik en mijn blogplannen voor het nieuwe jaar via
    X Cindy

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