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Coffeeklatch is one of my favorite interior design blogs. The website says that they stand for slow journalism using a fast medium. They do so by interviewing remarkable people in their remarkable homes. I always feel inspired after visiting Coffeeklatch and love getting to know these creative people and interiors. I especially get really excited about peeking into my fellow Amsterdam citizen homes. And more so when these citizens are famous photographers like Scheltens & Abbenes. Remember I noticed this duo before? (exhibit a, exhibit b :-)) When I saw that Coffeeklatch posted this beautiful one that is located in the North side of Amsterdam, I could not help but study the images for every minor detail. I mean, how beautifully done is this modern, bright home with a touch of retro?

I will not spill the story about this home, as you must read it on the website that has the credits. And also, because that way I can trick you into visiting Coffeeklatch. Will you tell me what you think of the home and the website?


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  1. Ziet er echt heel erg leuk uit, hier ga ik een keertje heen!


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