The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam is over, after a hectic weekend full of fashion and fun. I still got some catwalk news up my sleeve, but today I would like to show you my favorite show of all: Dorhout Mees' collection for Fall-Winter 2015-16. This amazingly rich and delicate collection mixes French court vibes with Asian shapes effortlessly. 

The show started with a lot of beautifully made corsets, focussing the collection on the girl's tiny waistlines. Combined with boxy skirts from stiffened fabrics hanging loosely on the hips, Dorhout Mees created movement in the outfits as the girls were gently tipping the skirts with their thighs while walking. Movement was also a key factor in the long dresses that were shown. Especially the ones made out of delicate fabrics, contrasted by big poofy shoulders

All the looks had a signature, strong silhouette. Switching up form fitting clothes with boxy and rounded shapes. My favorite two looks were the suits made out of a shiny white and blue fabric and a skirt-dress combination made out of a blue felted (I guess) nude colored fabric. 

I really hope that this mystic and fairytale like look is going to be one of the trends for the coming winter. I will not be surprised, as I have seen more romantic/futuristic collections. (Think Dennis Diem for example.)

For more pictures of the Dorhout Mees collection, you can visit Fashion Week's website

Now that the Fashion Week craze is over, it is time to get back to work! 
Enjoy your day.


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4 opmerkingen:

  1. ahh ziet er echt heel erg tof uit, leuk dat je er bij mocht zijn!

    1. Hi Alexa, gaaf he. Dorhout Mees is altijd een hoogtepunt. Fijne dag vandaag! x

  2. Deze show was zo gaaf!
    Ik ben echt opslag verliefd <3


    1. Hi Joy, was je er ook? Wat leuk! Echt een hele sterke conceptuele show, en dan ook nog zo mooi uitgevoerd. Super! x


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