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You have probably heard BBC's playlist that forecasts the sound of 2015. Some of my current favorites are displayed in this playlist, but seeing the list got me thinking: What is my take on the sound of 2015? And as I love to write about Amsterdam based talent, who do I foresee will be the talk of the town soon? I chose to mix all sorts of artists, as being the talk of the town makes a pretty loud sound. Even if you are not a musician. :-) So here we go, my Dutch favorites for 2015! 

Eversince I heard her single Top of Mind for the first time, I cannot get it out of my head. Sue the Night's voice lingers in your head throughout the week and catapults you into the weekend on a Friday afternoon. Her sound is quite poppy and electronic and perfect for next year's festival season. Sue actually lives in Haarlem, but that is kind of a suburb to Amsterdam right? ;-)

I had the privilege to work with him on a few projects recently and interacting with him only makes me more confident that the abstract work of painter Daan Roukens will only become more well-known in 2015. From small watercolor paintings to big murals, Daan is an all-rounder. Check out this Sol Lewitt fan in the video below to get to know him! 

I just cannot get enough of this Amsterdam based electronic music duo. I listen to their music at work, when I am on my bike or just strolling around the city for no reason. I bet Belle and Sebastian are facing an eventful year in 2015. This live registration is is my favorite video of all. O honey and pearls...

This adventurous photographer is on a trip to South-America right now to shoot and - of course - to have a great time. I cannot wait to see her new work, as I am in love with her previous works. I am hoping for more landscapes combined with geometric shapes. Bring them on! 


This is a pretty young band that has its roots at the Herman Brood music academy in Utrecht. With her cutting edge voice, singer Rikki cuts through the sound of the band that is full of energy and super festival proof. Their single Run is nominated for the 3VOOR12 song of the year, how cool is that for starters? Listen to Run and check out Rondé's Facebook page for more! 

Really curious of your tips on great music and art. Would love for you to share them with me. Happy Saturday!

PS. See you tomorrow at White Label Coffee to check out Josephine Zwaan's performance? 


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