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It is Monday again and time for a new hotspot! Friday, I was invited to the opening night of an exhibition at the Volkshotel for Syrious Mission: a non-profit organization that helps Syrian refugees adjust and connect to their new home in Jordan. Syrious Mission does so by sending artists over there to teach the children creative skills, like making music or art. The exhibition combined the photographs of those children and their teachers, who in this case were Odette Denijs and Laura Andalou. The photographs were really impressive and confrontational.

After visiting the exhibition me and my girls decided to have a drink at the Volkshotel bar, which I had never really visited before. Canvas - the restaurant/bar at on the 7th floor - I know quite well, but until now I had always gone straight up the elevator and really skipped the bar on the ground floor. Such a shame I know now, because the bar on the ground floor might even be better than its upstairs neighbor!  

As it was already fully dark when I visited the Volkshotel bar, taking good photographs was not possible. Therefore I featured these amazing photographs, taken by Passion Shake and Paper Blog, that show the interior design of the bar. Is it not amazing?! I felt right at home, sitting on the big brown - kind of 70s inspired - improvised couch at the back of the bar, sipping on my wine. 

This place really is perfect for pre-clubbing drinks as a DJ is already spinning his tunes at 5PM. And if you did not have the time to go to the barber to look sharp for a night out, you can even get your hair cut by a red haired hair artist for only 25 euros! If I had not visited my own barber just a few days ago, I would definitely had taken the chance. 

Afterwards, we went to dinner at BAUT: a super cool restaurant across the street. Definitely will tell you more about this temporary hotspot soon.

I guess I will ride my bike across town more often now that I know the vibe of the Volkshotel bar. Gosh, how cool is it to have a place like this in Amsterdam? A definite hotspot and worth the extra travel time!

Happy Monday!

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Thank you Passion Shake and Paper Blog for taking these cool photographs. I could not have done a better job. 

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