O yes! Today it is Friday again. Most likely the best day of the week. No hotspot on this drowsy day, but 5 - or actually 6 if you take the first picture into account - beautifully styled little corners. I always love to play around with the styling of my cabinets, windowsill and dining table. 

A little while ago I was invited by Fonq to join their blogger event and after a lovely trend presentation by Zuiver and some useful blogging tips by Kirsten Jassies, we were asked to join a styling challenge using Zuiver and Dutchbone products. I never really participated in such a challenge, but I was really surprised by everyone's styling skills. In the collage above, you find some of my favorites. 

After work, I will be setting up our Vers Vlees 020 exhibition at the Lloyd Hotel and afterwords go to dinner with friends. If you would like to keep me company over the weekend, I really  invite you to. Being the curator of this exhibition the coming weekend probably means that I am in for a lonely weekend. :P

But first, coffee and some work. How are you spending this Friday!

Images by Fonq, featuring Cindy, Nelleke, Irene, Seline, Marij and me! 

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  1. I just was at the lloyd! Didn't looked at all exhibitions though!

    1. Ah echt? Ik was al rond 9 uur weg gisteren. Er hing namelijk wel rails, maar er waren geen bijbehorende draadjes om de werken aan op te hangen. Nieuwe kansen vandaag dus. :-) Was je er voor het festival of toevallig?


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