Of all the things I have seen at the Dutch Design Week, the designs of Stephan Siepermann made the biggest impression. His wooden designs might not look that innovative, but they stand out in detail and originality. Especially this safe - that is actually working - and the classic high school locker are objects that I could stare at for hours. The quality of these designs lies in the fact that they seem so easy to create, while they actually are not. All pieces are handcrafted and require skill, a good eye for detail and persistence. 

Furthermore, this safe and the classic locker are proof that we need real craftsmanship in this world. A great idea or concept have their worth, but the importance of the actual work should not be underestimated. A true inspiration that I will definitely remind myself of every once in a while. 

For more info on the work of Stephan Siepermann, check out his website. Enjoy!

Image is the courtesy of Stephan Siepermann

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