You might have been dancing to her tunes at the Urban Outfitters anniversary party last week. If you have not though, Rachel Green is playing her tunes at the Bassed #1 Once Upon A Time party at Vrankrijk this weekend! I should not even be telling you this as this is an underground party that is true to its name, but if you will not tell anyone I guess we are okay. 

Bassed is an all bass related party. On November 8, you are welcome to join the first edition at Vrankrijk Amsterdam. Rachel Green and the other DJs create a scene in which we feel free to be raw, basic and step away from our usual party expectations. Sounds great right?

Buy your ticket at the door for only 5 euros and discover the former squat, which is a great place to party. Only for true adventurers though, so be warned to see stuff you might have not seen before. Just sayin'. 

Check out the Bassed event page for more info. Let's kick off this weekend early. Again. 


Image by Boobytrap.

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