Truth be told that I had a little too much to drink yesterday. Like you do when you are having fun on a Friday night, listening to '00s classics and dancing the hell out of your Nike Air Max. So no regrets there, just a little hungover. 

Outside it pours, but on days like these it does not matter that it rains cats and dogs. It only confirms that your bed is the best place to spend the day. Preferably binge watching Orange Is The New Black - or another one of your favorite series - and with salty snacks and healthy juices at hand. 

So I guess I will stick to that routine today. If I can only make my way to the super market to get those snacks and drinks first. Gosh did I have fun yesterday. 

How do you spend your Saturday?

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Images by That Girl From Amsterdam

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  1. Gosh, I love your pictures! And the sunnies are definately a winner!

    Hope you feel better now ;) ?



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