One of the perks of blogging is that you get invited to join in on the coolest projects. This time I was invited as judge in picking the winner of the Fairminds x Kinta Design Your Own Tableware competition. How cool is that? The award for best design was presented in the brand new Fairminds pop-up shop in  the center of Utrecht. A shop you should definitely visit as it sells a lot of eatable and non-eatable treasures. Think Tony's Chocolonely in literally every flavor, a range of delicious teas, cookbooks for a happy and healthy life - I bought Rens Kroes' Powerfood - and sustainable table- and kitchenware. All produced under fair trade standards of course.  

Anyway, back to the competition. 350 students of the Delft University of Technology were challenged a few weeks ago to design a table- and kitchenware product that was not only innovative, but also fitted the Kinta collection and the target group of young adults. Seven teams were chosen to participate in last week's final. They had the chance to collect as many votes as possible in order to rank first on the list of the public vote. Ranking first on this list was not enough though. A jury - consisting of delegates from Kinta, Fairminds, the University and me - gave the casting vote, deciding that a design named Rowl fitted the criteria best. This twisting and turning salad bowl has the potential to be a really cool tableware product, once it has evolved a little bit to fit both practical and design standards. I am so proud of the designers and cannot wait to see the final product! 

I have to say that there were two other designs that the jury was really enthusiastic about: Wobbowl and Kabitan. The first one because of its cool design, the second one because of its creativity and multiple applications. I am really curious to see what will happen to these designs. I will not be surprised if they pop-up somewhere in the near future. 

I love how Fairminds and Kinta operate according to fair trade principles and manage to present initiatives and products that are at least as cool as non-fair trade products. I really recommend you to check out both websites and webshops to see their products for yourself. 

I really want to thank Fairminds for asking me to join this project. It was such a cool experience. And of course, I congratulate the Rowl designers once again for winning this competition. Did you know that their design is going to be produced and that the team is going to the Philippines to work with the local handicraftsmen? So nice!

Enjoy your Sunday!

First image by Fairminds, the rest by me. 

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