Happy Monday! After a weekend with loads of food and fun it is time to get back to work. I have been browsing the internet this weekend in search for a picture that features a cacti in a glass bell. As cacti have returned to the interior design scene with a bang, but have pretty sharp needles. Not so fitting for cacti lovers with cats or other types of pets. That is why I figured that that other booming trend - glass bells - can provide the perfect solution here. Put cacti under a bell and there is no accidental stinging action involved. 

As I thought that loads of other people would have had that same idea already, I was hopefully browsing the internet for great examples in order to show you. I only found two though (example a, example b), but decided that I owe it you you to show you how I style a cacti in a glass bell. As my payday is still a couple of days away, you will have to wait a bit. I did find the picture above though, that is the perfect combination of cacti, art and vintage design. Would this not be your favorite little corner at home?

If you are able to find some examples of cacti in glass bells, please let me know. I am dying to put this idea to good use.

Happy Monday!

Image by SF Girl by Bay

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  1. Cacti or succulents, I claimed I saw a lot of cacti in bells but it's mostly succulents. Anyway they go good together:

    These are the bells I see a most:

    Or from the ceiling.. to christmassy

    Put them in a huge terrarium as a landscape is most brutal:

    I find the black sand most intruiging and inspiring:

    But it is not exactly what you're referring to.

    1. Aaaah, so that's what they are called. Thanks for sending me the links. I have seen one that kind of looks like a small terrarium the other day at the Restored shop. I guess this one is pretty funny.


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