This is the perfect leather jacket I did not buy and totally regret every single day. I kind off bumped into it during a quick shopping trip with my mom and was not planning to spend 99 euros on a leather jacket. But as the surprise element is actually what makes sale shopping fun, I decided to give myself 30 minutes to think about it. My mom and I went for lunch and somehow, I firmly decided that the leather jacket I already own satisfied my needs. 

The thing is though, that I should have bought it as it really has a totally different fit than my longline jacket. The short cut and tough shoulders would be great with my striped sweater and fake docs. And further more, it was a cool leather jacket for under a hundred euros...

Luckily, it is starting to turn cold outside - too cold to wear a leather jacket - and I guess I can start forgetting about this failure. I did save 99 euros by not buying it of course, not too bad either. My bomber jacket is the way to go from now on and maybe I get another chance at the December/January sales.

Did you regret not buying a piece of clothing once?

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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