One of my favorite galleries in Amsterdam has just opened an exhibition that every art lover should see. No Man's Art Gallery presents the work of surrealistic photography artist Mattijn Franssen. I had seen one of Mattijn's works at NMAG before and therefore I knew there was no chance I would miss this opening. Mattijn puzzles together pieces he has randomly photographed before into a collage. The amazing part is that there is no trace of the digital cutting, pasting and polishing process, which allows you to see the world he creates without being restrained by technical mistakes. 

Although my boyfriend and I are both art enthusiasts, we find it hard to degree on a piece for our home. Somehow, we both fell for the works of Mattijn. The surrealistic nature, the emotion that shows through the faces of the animals, the moody scenes and the perfect finish got us both excited. 

What fascinates me is that Mattijn is able to create a world that seems like it could exist. If you only gets a glimpse of the works, you could think that they are pictures really taken somewhere. One look closer shows that the proportions of the certain elements are often off though. Horses are bigger than giraffes and grass is soft like a feather, clouds merge into water and cars are just a little too shiny. 

Mattijn not only shows photography art at NMAG, he also displays some of his early work: paintings. Some of the pieces are not as refined as his late work, but you can already recognize his penchant for the surreal and eye for detail. Really cool to see. 

The exhibition is up until November 30, so there is plenty of time to go see these amazing works. Check out NMAG for more info about Mattijn Franssen and the gallery itself. Really curious what you think of these work. Will you let me know if you went to see them?

Enjoy your weekend!

The first two pictures were made by me at the opening of the exhibition. The other pictures are the courtesy of Mattijn Franssen

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