Although I decided years ago that yellow is the ugliest color in the color spectrum, I find this apartment by Marijke Beumer surprisingly interesting. It has got life and character. Things that today's monochrome interiors do not always live up to. I admit, it is a little overwhelming, but there is no doubt that this Amsterdam citizen has got style. I have browsed the internet to see if Marijke herself dresses the part too, but she seems some kind of mysterious figure. I have read that she is an interior designer, but I did not find the proof. Which kind of makes this Marijke Beumer type more interesting. 

Anyway, her apartment and eye for detail inspired me and truth is: I hope that soon more people will have the courage to go all out in decorating their homes with colorful accessories. Monochrome might make you feel at ease, a splash of color can make you truly happy. 

Are you about to add a splash of color to your home?

Happy Thursday!

Images by Habitually Chic

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