Kuvva Gallery (formerly Gallery 33) has opened a new exhibition: The Omnipollo by Karl Grandin. I have not seen it yet, but I thought that the rebranding of Gallery 33 deserved to be mentioned on the blog. Karl Grandin is a Stockholm-based designer and illustrator who has for the past four years formed the designer half of Omnipollo: a nomadic brewing project that designs and brews small-scale batches of craft beer. Grandin and Omnipollo co-founder Henok Fentie brewed a purple-pink sour wheat, made with raspberries and key lime especially for Kuvva Gallery and their guests to enjoy. Cannot wait to taste a sip of that one!

You find Kuvva Gallery at the Westerpark, Pazzanistraat 33. The exhibition runs until November 3, so there is still a month time to visit it. I guess it is a pretty marvellous idea actually to visit it this weekend. And combine it with a stroll through the park. Hmm... I might go for that option myself now I am thinking about it. :-) Really curious what you think of the gallery and exhibition. I will let you know after I went! I even heard they have a tipi...

Saturday | Closed
Sunday | Open from 12 noon to 5 Pm

Happy Friday!

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