This Wednesday I am hosting a small launch party for photographer Gabi van Ingen. As I run the &MAES office gallery, I get the chance to introduce talented artists to our network and vice versa. Our previous exhibition was a success, and I hope this one will receive the same enthusiasm. I shared some artworks from Gabi van Ingen before, but as I am intrigued by a variety of her works I thought I should share her portfolio again. 

The artworks you see above are part of her series Construct and Self Portrait. To me, the third photograph pretty much sums up the feeling I get when looking at those pictures. It is about beauty that does not take a lot to break. The girls somehow seem superhuman, but vulnerable at the same time. I am not sure if that was Gabi's concept for these artworks, but I think it is pretty well done. 

I cannot wait to see how Wednesday goes. I am sure it will be a success though. :-)

Happy Tuesday!

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Images by Gabi van Ingen

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