There is something so weird about these two outfits, shot by The Sartorialist last week. Somehow, they are so interesting though. They were both shot in Paris: the first one outside of the Kenzo show, the second one randomly on the street. It is not that those outfits stand out in an easy going kind of way, but more in like an authentic kind of way. A little washed out, dodgy and suburban. 

I am trying to find a way to describe the mystery feeling I get when looking at those pictures. But as it is a mystery feeling - did not know I could have those still after 27 years of going through innumerable feelings - I am still not sure what to think of them. It is not my style though, to stay in the dark about my judgement. Normally, I am quite sure of what feels right or wrong style wise. I guess my search for answers is what makes me realize the quality of these outfits. I just cannot relate them to something I have seen in Amsterdam recently. 

I will not be surprised to see Amsterdam's beard and hipster scene vanish in the next couple of months, as other capital cities seem to have already moved on a while ago. I cannot help but feeling joyous. 

How about you? Ready for the next fashion and design chapter?

Happy Monday!

Images by The Sartorialist.

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