The long awaited Alexander Wang x H&M look book has finally been presented. A collection that fashion and design loving people have been anxiously talking about for the last couple of months. The popular designer definitely had a tough job to do in living up to the incredibly high expectations. I selected the best of Wang for you. 

Truth be told, that I was not that excited about the first images that were leaked to the press over the last couple of weeks. And still, I am not keen on the knee high socks and sporty gloves.  Clearly, the collection's success does not depend on my approval but talking to some of my friends learns that I am not the only one feeling doubtful. The images I posted above are my favorite campaign pictures and definitely show pieces that I do like.

The thing is that the collection is really sporty. And with really sporty, I mean really really sporty. Swimmers, boxers, skiers, track runners and what not dominate the campaign. They are photographed in the gym, on their way to or just finishing a workout. The overall feeling that the images radiate is cool, but one immediately asks herself which pieces you will be trying to get your hands on the 6th of November. Because the thing is, when designers make a collection for H&M you expect it to be must haves all the way. 

After checking out the campaign images for the overall view, I started zooming in on the separate pieces. Without the boxing gloves, socks and gloves I found that there definitely are must haves in this collection. My favorite one is the grey sweater you see in the first picture I posted above. Worn with high wasted (wide) trousers or a structured skirt, this piece is amazing. And although I might not wear the sweater with those leggings, I guess those leggings are pretty cool when worn with heels and a longline shirt. 

Speaking of heels, did you see that pair in the second picture? Really curious about he material - scuba would not surprise me - but they amp up every outfit. Are they not perfect for NYE?

Although I have not seen the prices of the different pieces yet, I guess there is something for every budget. From jackets to bikinis and slip-ons, the collection consists of pieces in different prices ranges. It is one of the reasons that make this collection more commercial than the Maison Martin Margiela one two years ago. I still foresee some hesitation in buying in on it though. Praise to H&M, for having the balls to produce such a fashion forward and edgy collection. My only question is: now that the popular Wang is affordable for everyone, will his clothes have the same attraction as when they are super expensive?

What do you think about Wang x H&M?


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