Although everyone around me is preparing for Amsterdam Dance Event, I am secretly preparing for the Dutch Design Week. The press kits and invitations are starting to trickle in and I am browsing the internet in search of talented young designers and new collections of the already established. One of these browsing sessions led me to the Utrecht based designers of Woody Skateboards. Secretly I have been wanting to be one of these cool skateboard chicks for quite a while, but clearly haven't got the balls to start practicing. 

Apparently, the first skateboarders were surfers who also wanted to ride their surfboard on dry land. As there were no surfboards to surf the concrete waves yet, they only had their own creativity and DIY skills to depend on. Today's skateboard scene is all about commercialization and Woody Skateboards is determined to bring back the DIY spirit into skateboarding. 

Each board is handcrafted and made from locally grown wood. So the beauty of these boards is actually in the difference between them. Something that funny enough seems to not be the standard in today's world. Woody Skateboards' shapes are inspired by the boards of the 60s and 70s: the heydays of the Volkswagen van. The ride lives up to current standards though and clearly is the coolest way to transport yourself on a board with four wheels. 

If you are not visiting Woody Skateboards at the Eindperron stand in Eindhoven, check out their website for more info on their cool designs. 

I will just keep dreaming of riding those concrete waves one day.


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