I so enjoy the evolvement of fashion blogging. Especially when it comes to photography. It is hard to stand out from the crowd and developing your photography skills is really important. Someone who I have been following for quite some time already - and also is my fellow Amsterdam citizen - is Rebecca Laurey from the blog Raspberry & Rouge. Her photography is right on the verge of fashion and art lately. Last week, she shared a series of photos that I am proud to share with my art loving readers. Do you not think that the picture above is amazing? I would frame it and add it to my hallway gallery in a heartbeat. You find the Parker Garden series on her blog. So even if you are not that into fashion, but are into photography I reckon you should definitely pay Rebecca's page a visit. So inspiring!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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  1. Vind deze foto's ook erg mooi inderdaad!


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