How I have hated the socks in shoes combination for so long. And although I have to say that I am still not a big fan, when we hopped over to the ice cream parlour - I guess you call it that - that exact combination seemed so nice. Mostly because I have two big blisters that are too uncomfortable in a bare foot-shoe combo. I opted for subtle black socks, as I still felt a little shaky about doing this. I must say that they were just the right element to amp up these shoes from a slip on to a something like a boot. My boyfriend did not even notice. 

But although girls are obligated to themselves to experiment a little once in a while, I guess I can say that socks in shoes will never be my thing. They make my legs seem super short and masculine. I am a true fan of androgynous dressing, but not a fan of looking bulky. And so I rest my case, leaving this trend up to others.

Do you like the upcoming socks-in-shoes trend?

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Floor!! Je heb mijn giveaway gewonnen :).
    Wil je mij een mailtje sturen met je adres gegevens. Thanks!


    1. Hey! Wat leuk!! Heb het helemaal niet gezien. Ik ga je snel mailen. :-)


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