Leanie van der Vyver graduated from art school - Gerrit Rietveld Academie - cum laude with her project Scary Beautiful. When a colleague of mine showed me these pictures I was intrigued by the alienating view. It took me a few seconds to realize that the girl is standing backwards in a shoe. While not easy wearable, this project brings fashion design something else: it makes us question our standard values in what is seen as beautiful and changes perspective. Because although the girl can not walk like we are used to in these shoes, it does reflect how we perceive high heels as a beauty icon. The higher the better seems to be the rule nowadays. Taking this norm to the extreme, Leanie creates something totally different. Something monstrous. Funny part is that, although I could not see myself wearing these shoes on a trip to the supermarket, Leanie created something beautiful. There truly is beauty in both the design and the way it makes the girl walk. 

With these kind of experimental designs it is not about mass production and hypes. It is about inspiration. So just watch the pictures above and the videos below and let it sink in for a moment before you judge. My verdict was: amazing and subtly provocative. I definitely want to see more of Leanie's work. 

Happy Friday!

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Pictures by Leanie van der Vijver.

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