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A few weeks ago, JUNIQE asked me if I would be willing to try one of their products. As Juniqe sells the most amazing art prints for a more than an amazing price, I was definitely willing to do so. You probably remember, I told you all about it in a post. When all this was over though, we both felt that we should continue our collaboration. So we came up with something: JUNIQE created my own online gallery space and I would become a JADEPILLAR x JUNIQE ambassador. This way, I would pursue one of my lifelong dreams - having my own gallery - and I would help JUNIQE to get noticed on the Dutch market. A win-win situation right?

So a little information about JUNIQE. Being an online shop for eclectic art prints, apparel and accessories, JUNIQE is a magnet for font fetishists, graphic geeks and fashion junkies. They select works of the best independent artists from all over the world and make them affordable by turning them into prints. Their mission is to offer exciting and affordable art to everyone. Something that seems to be a true German thing. (Remember the Lumas Gallery?) As I think that this mission should become a true Dutch thing as well, I am happy to be able to introduce JUNIQE to you. Because I suspect that you and me both are font fetishists, graphic geeks and fashion junkies.

To celebrate our collaboration, we decided that you should get to join in on the fun too. We have arranged a 10% discount on your purchase at JUNIQE. All you have to do is enter the code juniqelovesjadepillar before you make your payment. And as the prices for a print range from 17 euros for a small unframed print to 99 euros for a big framed print, there is something for all of us. So head over to the JUNIQE webshop by clicking here or on the JUNIQE banner on the right of this post. Happy shopping!

Curious if you are just as excited as me.

Happy Sunday!

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Images from JUNIQE.

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