After spending a whole weekend at Lowlands Festival, I am back in Amsterdam. Went back to work today, but I still feel like I will be back there any minute swinging my hips to the tunes of amazing artists. There were a lot of amazing acts, but I would like to take you through my favorite five. My take on the best acts at Lowlands 2014. Here we go!

HOLLIE COOK Although generally reggae is not my thing, this girl from London catapulted me into a dream of tropical vibes and smokey bars. Her poppy voice sways to the lazy tones of the music and her fresh look makes me want to be the next big reggae star too. 

SAM SMITH This guy just has an amazing voice. There is just him, the band and nothing more to decorate the act. Exactly how I like it. I was kind of afraid that the my guy friends would label it as women's music, but as they loved it too I guess it is more than that. I will keep this album definitely on repeat for the next couple of weeks.

GESAFFELSTEIN Usually I prefer bands to DJ's, but I will make an exception for Gesaffelstein. This thin man from Paris spins amazing raw beats that inevitably make you dance until the crack of dawn. Shrill sounds and loud basses make you feel the music to your core. A trip to Paris with a visit to a Parisian club is definitely on my bucket list now.

TYPHOON I already listened a lot to his new album, but this Dutch pride really surprised me with his super tight show. The Bravo stage almost exploded from energy and positivity. Those Surinam tunes combined with a banging band just do something to you...

PIERCE BROTHERS These two got my sympathy vote. They were so enthusiastic that the whole crowd was smiling throughout their performance. Only sympathy does not do them justice though. Their folky songs are surprisingly musical and make you crave a hoedown every once in a while. 

Really curious of your current favorite bands. And did you get the chance to visit Lowlands too? Or did you check some of the acts out on television or radio? 

Happy Tuesday. I must admit that I am also kind of happy to be back.


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