Totally is totally feeling like a holiday. And guess what? It actually is! After work I am heading straight to Lowlands Festival to reserve our annual spot in the woods. Nope, not telling you where I will set up my tent exactly. The spot is just too good to give up. :-)

Truth is that I am sporting quite a bigger backpack to Lowlands than I am wearing in the pictures. You will probably understand that my clothes will never all fit in this tiny one. Especially since it is so unclear what to pack. Will it rain (most definitely) or will the sun come out? (Most definitely too) Anyway, I am just packing everything because what I will be wearing is the least of my problems this weekend. I am still figuring out which artists to see. There are some I will definitely check out (Portishead, Typhoon, Sam Smith, Triggerfinger), but I also want to dance all night in the Titty Twister and check out all the bands I do not know yet. Pff...Festivals are hard work. I am telling you. 

I will try to keep an Instagram diary up (follow me @jadepillar), so that you can see what me and my friends are up to. Another great idea is to follow the #LL14 hashtag or check out the Lowlands Instagram account. 

Gsus designed a great collection of shirts by the way, so if you are not able to go you might still get in the vibe by wearing those. Me and a bunch of other bloggers are already sporting them

Are you going to Lowlands this year?

Happy Thursday!

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    1. Thanks! Ik kom je daar dus niet heel toevallig tegen? :-)

  2. Veel plezier op Lowlands! Ik hoop dat het droog blijft!

    1. Ha Madelief! Het is best goed gegaan moet ik zeggen. Alleen zondagmiddag was erg nat haha. Maar ja, het was het zeker waard. :-) x


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