This fall it is all about the statement earring. A single statement earring to be precise. I remember wearing a single statement earring back in high school and thinking why the hell stores would not sell one earring at a time instead of in pairs. Note that I went on a high school girl budget back in the days. Anyway, I am not sure that this is a revival of the 90s. Maybe more so of the 00s. But I am glad that the statement earring is back. Because minimalism is great, but sometimes a girl needs to splurge on great bling. Such a 00s - read J-Lo - word to use here.

Louis Vuitton and Céline are on the same page next season and feature their models in campaigns, wearing a mono earring. A spread in CR Fashion Book did the rest by publishing these amazing photos. I guess a hype is born.

Earrings by
Louis Vuitton
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent

What do you think about this trend?

Happy Tuesday!

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Pictures by CR Fashion Book.

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