One of my favorite alternative galleries is the No Man's Art Gallery (NMAG). This Amsterdam based gallery travels all over the world to organize pop-up exhibitions featuring young and talented artists. The gallery is an initiative of the incredibly smart and entrepreneurial Emmelie, who decided to quit her promising career as a lawyer to start her own gallery a couple of years ago. I am so glad she did, because No Man's Art Gallery is one of the few innovative and future proof art concepts. If there were only more people like Emmelie in this world...

So what is NMAG exactly? The gallery describes itself as an international platform for young artists that organizes pop-up galleries all over the world. Every so many months they take on a different city in a different country, where they find local young artists with great talent. Their art gets exhibited in the city the gallery finds them in and does everything in its power to take their art with them to the next city. Sounds cool right?

The gallery's base is still in the Netherlands though, but even here they travel all over Amsterdam. Right now you can find the gallery at the Nieuwe Herengracht 119, where they exhibit the work of eight young South African artists.

If you like art - which I am sure you do - and you get excited for cutting edge concepts, you should definitely visit this gallery. As with every gallery, there are works I find amazing and works that do not really affect me. But what makes NMAG so different from other galleries is that it reflects the spirit of our time. Their international, individualistic and horizontal approach, makes you feel welcome and inspired. I bet some of you will want to either start your own gallery or another innovative initiative once they you visited the gallery. That is just what Emmelie and this concept do to you. The gallery makes you feel like anything can happen, if you are willing to work for it. Standing out and having the guts to undertake something you have a passion for pays of in the end. This gallery is the proof of that.

NMAG's next exhibition is in Oslo, Norway. But their Amsterdam exhibition is ready to welcome you.

Let me know if you went! Curious of your opinion.


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