Most women dream of the perfectly styled walk in closet. I am no exception, but I lost that battle about a year ago when my boyfriend and I discussed the function of the spare bedroom in our new home. But that is okay, it is good to have a dream. I can not help but browsing the web for styling ideas every once in a while though. And on my search for the perfect industrial closet, I found a bunch of stunners. Bright and clean, with some perfectly placed accessories: a party for a fashionista's eye. The pictures above are just a selection of the rooms I found. On my Pinterest board,  you will find a lot more and I will definitely keep on browsing to perfect this walk in closet themed board. 

Today I am working on's layout by the way. So you might come across a not yet perfectly fitted banner and some other experiments. Please do not mind them, it is all in the name of blogging.

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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All primary image sources are to be found on my Pinterest board

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  1. Fijne inspiratie! Ik ben ook nog druk bezig met mijn kleding hoekje ^^.


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