I always love to search for interior design pictures that only capture some details. Often, I feel like these little corners tell you more about a person than looking at their interior all together. When on holiday in Greece, I have thought a lot about how to take my interior to a higher level. The basics are there now, except for the curtains, and therefore it is time to add some identity to our home. I am thinking an azure blue or emerald green (both white washed) Kelim, a new art piece and a plant. As our holiday left us totally broke, we still have some time to think about and search for those pieces though. ;-)

What we can do while being penny-less, is add some cute corners and tweak elements that we already own. Like the black and white plates in the second picture, a lovely DIY from Daily Perfect Moment, and rearranging our stacks of magazines while adding some little details. And as it is raining like crazy today, I think I will start after having a necessary cup of coffee. 

I love the monochrome corners with a twist above, although a pop of color could not hurt either. Curious about your style:

How do you switch up your interior while not spending a dime?

Happy Tuesday!

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik vind dit zo gaaf! Ik houd echt van simpel zwart en vooral wit. Hoe minder kleur hoe beter, haha!
    Leuke blog, ik volg je nu via bloglovin! :) X

    1. Hi Inge, cool! Als je van simpel houdt zit je bij mij goed. :-) Ik post wel ook af en toe wat kleur, maar een basis van zwart-wit is er altijd wel. Leuk dat je me volgt! x


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