Guess who is back in town? :-) I have had a great holiday in Crete (Greece), tipped off with the amazing Georgies Wunder Garten festival here in Ruigoord last Saturday. I am feeling totally rested - apart from still being in recovery mode from Saturday.. - and ready to focus on everything that is going on in Amsterdam. I did not blog for more than a week and although I missed it at times, I have to say that disconnecting from my phone, laptop and internet in general was probably the best thing I could do. But after these days of silence I am back and ready to report to you this week's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam. I will attend five shows and will do my best to show you what is happening in Designer Land. So excited!

When in Greece, I heard that I unfortunately did not win the Villa Arena x Blogtoday competition. I do not know if I ended up being second or third, but being selected as either from 100 other bloggers makes me proud anyway. I want to thank you for your support and votes. It really meant a lot!

I still have a week off from work and plan to get some work done on the blog's layout and navigation. If you have any tips on what you would like to add or change on the blog, I am happy to hear it. 

Have a great Monday and we will talk to soon. 

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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Good to have you back! Jammer dat je niet heb gewonnen misschien een andere keer weer wel!

    1. Hey! Ook heel fijn om weer terug te zijn. Zeker nu het zulk mooi weer is. :-) Inderdaad ontzettend jammer. Baal er stiekem een best van, maar volgende keer beter. Ga jij nog op vakantie deze zomer? x


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