As you know, I have been organizing art exhibitions for the past two years via the art organization that I run with my friend Anne. Lately though, I have been working on a new project. A project that is part of my full time job as a strategic communications consultant, but is a little different from what I normally work on. As the company I work for has a valuable network in the cultural sector, we figured that we might be a great platform for artists to show their work to a slightly different crowd than they are used to. We decided to turn our office space into a gallery and started working on a memorable series of exhibitions. June 12 we are proud to kick off with one of my favorite young artists at the moment: Daan Roukens. 

Daan is an Amsterdam based artist, who is best known for his abstract paintings, vibrant colors, patterns and his obsessive search for the repetitive. Working across multiple mediums, such as painting, design and installation, he continuously pursues the ultimate balance. Derived from the everyday recognizable, his work challenges the viewer to experience form, color and composition in a minimal manner. I find his paintings refreshing and intriguing, as the patterns are spot on while being hectic and sereen at the same time.

Daan is also the author of cross media platform No Rest For The Obsessed. I really like that he writes about what keeps him busy in the art scene. It makes you get to know Daan a little better and makes you get involved in his work. I guess Daan is one of the artists who have the courage to search for new ways to increase his audience. Something that makes him an artist of this generation and one to keep an eye on in the future. 

In June, Daan will not only exhibit at the &MAES Gallery. He will also display two works at the KunstRAI: thé go to event in Amsterdam for everyone who has just the slightest interest in art. He will be part of the MasterPeace stand, in order to increase attention for MasterPeace's message and raise money for the organization. If you can find the time this - probably tropical - weekend, I would love for you to go and tell me what you think about Daan's work and the overall vibe and trends at the KunstRAI. I will definitely go, probably wednesday or saturday, and report back to you. 

Have a great day!

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