palm print trousers outfit 2014

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Is there anything better than ending a workday with a BBQ in the park on a sunny day? I hear you think: Maybe ending a day with a BBQ on a white palm beach? Guess you are right, but we all know that is not going to happen anytime soon. At least not for me. Luckily, we are aloud to wear palm prints allover this season. What genius came up with that idea?

Glamour magazine came up with 24 ideas for how to wear this print. Printed jump suits, clutches, tees and blouses. The more items I see, the more excited I get. Because clearly, this year's palm print has outdone itself. It transformed itself from holiday to work wear and from a cheap Hawaiian print to the hottest print in fashion. 

This picture was taken by Ell Photography on the stairs of my in my old high school. If you would like to see more of the series I shot with Elisabeth, check out post I, II and III. I love the vibe Elisabeth creates in her pictures. Not too girly, a little rough and with an edge. 

Let's hope that today is also going to be a good day. Long live the summer!

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Ph. credits: Ell Photography

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