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There is something about Singlefeestje. Or maybe it is that I am just a 90s kid. I guess in general it is hard to fuck up a 90s party, but to make it truly amazing takes some balls. And that is exactly what the guys behind Singlefeestje got. They are in charge of the music most of the time, but let you be the DJ too. They have got a shitload of 90s singles ranging from Britney Spears to the Arctic Monkeys. Tonight, Singlefeestje is hitting the Melkweg. Making it the best place in town for the night.


Besides the fact that you get to choose about 50% of the music, the Melkweg is a nice place to hang. And besides Singlefeestje, you are able to check out the exhibition about tattoos in the Melkweg Galerie and if you are lucky take in the vibe at Darko Esser's live techno project TRIPEO.

Besides, Singlefeestje's Frank (2nd picture) is one of us! He runs the raw and authentic fashion blog Fashion From Frank. Frank definitely got style and I praise his courage to actually run a fashion blog. Applause!

90s kids, happy people and dancing queens.

Clearly, this party is at the Melkweg. The Melkweg is located at the Lijnbaansgracht, near the Leidseplein. Want to go for a drink before heading to the Melkweg? Go for a beer at De Zotte or for a cocktail at Blinq.

You can find more extensive information about Singlefeestje and the Melkweg on their websites, by clicking here and hereEnjoy your weekend!


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Ph. credits: Singlefeestje / Fashion From Frank

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