Gallery 33 Amsterdam Westerpark

Gallery 33 Amsterdam Westerpark
Gallery 33 Amsterdam Westerpark
Gallery 33 Amsterdam Westerpark
Gallery 33 Amsterdam Westerpark
Gallery 33 Amsterdam Westerpark

A few weeks ago I visited The Legendary Posters exhibition in Gallery 33. An exhibition initiated by Heineken in order to support Reporters Without Borders. 40 Legendary Individuals from the world of art, sport and entertainment were asked to create a unique series of posters in order to sell them at the auction that was organized especially for this project. I visited Gallery 33 before, but somehow did not get around to noticing it on the blog. So to make it right, I will give my best to persuade you to take a peek at the gallery soon. 

Gallery 33. As they describe the gallery themselves: A creative space curated and managed by Present Plus - The company that owns Wetransfer for example. - that is dedicated to interactivity, accessibility and innovation. 

In other words. Gallery 33 is a full blown gallery, but is owned by a company called Present Plus. The gallery is just one of their creative expressions. 

Do you know that saying "The more galleries in town, the better"? I do not either, but it is true though. Galleries - and actually all public art spaces - make the city vibrant, interesting and fun. Gallery 33 distinguishes itself by (almost) solely exhibiting illustrative art. Or illustrations for that matter. And that just makes it nice and clear. Gallery 33 is the place to be when you want to get inspired by illustrations from all over the world. Because of its international focus, I like to call this gallery the mini Stedelijk Museum. Now I know that that may not be totally accurate, but hey: I just love to frame my thoughts.

Furthermore, the gallery is located in the Westerpark. A vibrant area with loads of bars, food stores, galleries, a movie theater and a vintage furniture shop. So when you are done visiting the gallery, there are loads of other cool things to visit nearby.

Looking at art is always free. But I have to say that most of the works are quite affordable. You still have to empty your piggy bank in order to buy something, but that just comes with the love of art.

Amsterdam's art loving crowd, but as the gallery exhibits artists from all over the world the crowd tends to be more international too. 

Pazzanistraat 33. If you would like to read a little bit more about the gallery, just check out their website

Happy Friday! TGIF!


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