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Being twenty-something is awesome. Getting to know the real you, graduating from college and starting your first real job are just few of the things that make this decennium awesome. Paradox is the fact that twenty-somethings feel lost from time to time, as they are just getting started working towards their dream life. Getting to know yourself appears to be pretty damn hard, that first job may not be exactly what you had hoped for and although you swore you would always meet your friends regularly, that job turns out to be pretty time consuming. We feel like we should be ahead of ourselves.With no money and all of our dreams and hopes to digest. 

Funny enough, I have had this conversation a lot with my friends lately. And funny enough, I feel like they are all on a pretty nice path to stardom. Relatively speaking. That made me think about how we perceive our own succes, that of others and what it is exactly that makes us happy. Is it that dream job that we envisioned ourselves from a young age or the dream job that we feel like we are expected to execute? For almost everybody, - I would like to say everybody, but will use the almost as a disclaimer in case you are that one percent that does not fit this statement. - what we would love to do on a daily basis comes pretty close to that what we wanted to become when we were younger. While at the same time, most of us pursue a career that we feel like is a sensible way of life. 

Now there might not be anything wrong with that, if it was not for the fact that there actually are twenty somethings that seem to be exactly where they want to be. They have set up incredibly clever and inspiring start-ups and figured out how they could turn their passion into a real life job. It leaves the twenty-somethings that are not living their dream life yet with both questions and hopes. On the one hand, they find it amazing that their peers were able to make their dream reality. While on the other hand, they are left with an empty feeling of failure and question why they did not yet manage to live on the bright side of life themselves. It is an uncomfortable feeling. Because they all know anything is possible, if you can just figure out the way to make it work. 

I am sitting here on my balcony, while my cat is resting on my lap. - Minor detail, but you get the picture. - I am also trying to merge all my interests into my work life. I feel like I am on the brink of a major change, but do not know how, when and which way I will go. It makes me feel restless and alive at the same time. 

Being twenty-something. You only get to enjoy it once.

Do you recognize this feeling? Happy Sunday!


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Ph. credits: Artwork by Oriol Angrill Jordà

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