het kaufhaus amsterdam

het kaufhaus amsterdam
het kaufhaus amsterdam
het kaufhaus amsterdam
het kaufhaus amsterdam
het kaufhaus amsterdam
het kaufhaus amsterdam
het kaufhaus amsterdam

Interview with Kim Evers, initiator Het Kaufhaus

Sometimes, you meet a person and it seems like you have met before. While you are sure you did not, the first conversation just feels so natural and nice. When I interviewed Kim Evers, initiator of second hand store Het Kaufhaus, there was such a nice vibe. We spoke at the big table in the middle of the store at the Eerste Sweelinckstraat 21 (Amsterdamse Pijp) about business, shopping and life in general. This interview is the first in a series of interviews that I have planned with a bunch of inspiring women. Women who follow their dreams and make them happen. Let me take you with me through our conversation. Imagine lots of tea in a beautifully decorated store. Enjoy!

Your first location was at the Westerstraat. Why did you move to this new location?
Our first store was a pop-up store in the Westerstraat. Our contract was just for three months. In our new place we have planned to stay at least for three months as well, but we might extend our contract to six months.

But you originally come from Elst, a little Dutch town. Why did you decide to open up shop here?
I have been living in Amsterdam for 2,5 years already. To me, that is long enough to know that this is the place I want to live my life and set up this brand. We might extend to other Dutch cities too though..

Allright, we will talk about that later. But let’s get back to the basics first. I heard that you are actually still in school studying art management. Is that a rumour or a fact?
Okay, you might not want to write that down but you are right. Officially I am still a student. But about a year back, someone I knew asked me to work for her at a bunch of festivals. Something that came in handy, as I decided that I wanted a break from school to think about what I would like to do in the future. I planned to go away for a few months afterwards, but after a while I ended up with no work and therefore no money to pay for my trip!

And so you decided to open up a second hand store. That is just crazy! Normal people would go look for a job in a store or at a restaurant or something. Not many of them decide to open a shop.
I know. And it was crazy actually. But we succeeded. Within a timeframe of just 6 weeks we worked hard to realize the concept. We now work with a team of five people to make Het Kaufhaus happen. Our team has the right mix of qualities: three people work at the back office, finance and new locations, etc. And two people work on the creative aspect of the store, for example on promotion and styling. Everybody did their part in opening up this store and make our dreams happen.

How did you come up with the idea to open a second hand shop?
It was in my second year of college that I executed a project for Humana and I just could not let it go. I loved their concept but also recognized a possibility to work with them in setting up a clean and modern looking second hand shop. What we really love about this concept is that 50% of all profits go to charity.

Do you handpick all the clothes yourself?
Yes, me and my colleague Morena have the opportunity to select pieces that fit our concept once a week at Humana’s main hall in Assen. So yes, we think it is really important to select all pieces and check their quality ourselves.

Who is your ideal customer?
People that live their life to the fullest. Everyone should be able to find a piece of their liking in our store, but there is a certain crowd that is able to shop their whole outfit here.

What I think is really cool is that the store looks so cool and all the pieces are so easy to combine.
I have to say that Morena is responsible for the styling, so all props to her. But our goal is to present a low key second hand store, where you can find timeless basic pieces. No weird and costume like bombastic clothes. 

Exactly. That is precisely what is so refreshing about the Kaufhaus concept. And I think I am not alone as the big media were quite quick to pick it up!
It has gone amazingly fast. Funny thing is that we did not even think about PR when opening the first shop at the Westerstraat. But somehow, three photographers and two camera crews attended the opening. We still do not know how they picked it up though haha!

People can also find some interior design pieces at the store, like Persian rugs and big glass vases. Do you also think about expanding your sales to art?
Actually, we are! We are looking for people who would like to exhibit their work in our store. So please tell your readers that if they would like to exhibit here, to tell so in the comments!

Do you have any tips for those who have never tried second hand shopping?
My first tip is: just do it! We have all got a washing machine, so there is nothing dirty or weird about second hand shopping. And I think that our store might be a great start, as we do not sell those bombastic clothes. Just timeless and basic pieces.

Exactly. And also, you are not that pricy. For 10-12 euro’s, you find lots of cool pieces here.
Yeah, and I can assure you that we will never charge more than we do now in the future. You know, where I am from we are used to fill up our bags at a second hand market and go home with loads of new clothes while we only have spend 20 euro’s. Amsterdam is so expensive when it comes to second hand shopping. You guys have accepted that second hand shopping is almost as expensive as shopping in ‘regular’ shops. But it really does not have to be that way.

Do you have a dream for Het Kaufhaus’ future?
Of course we do. We would really like to see the concept grow up and expand to other cities in Holland. Actually, we are opening up shop in Utrecht tomorrow! You are all invited to the opening of course, so check out our Facebook page for the details. We would also really like to start a webshop. But nothing too fancy, Het Kaufhaus should stay small and cosy.

And last but not least. Is there a difference between second hand shopping and vintage shopping?
It is funny that you ask me that question. I think those words are almost interchangeable. It is just that I think of vintage, when I picture a more expensive and old piece from the 20’s or something. But really, most of the fuss is about commercialization. Vintage or no vintage, they are all second hand clothes. I do not really care what label people give our store. I am happy with both.

I really hope that you enjoyed the kick off of this new series of interviews. If you would like to know more about Kim and Het Kaufhaus, check out their Facebookpage. And really, go have a look because I know you are going to be amazed by the vibe of the store and the collection.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Leuk interview, interessant om wat achtergrond informatie te krijgen!


    1. Hi Sjo, leuk dat je enthousiast bent. Er komen snel meer interviews!


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