90s outfit inspiration fashion ell photography

90s outfit inspiration fashion ell photography

I am so sorry for the lack of updates this weekend. A migraine hit me hard and I still have a hard time blogging - or actually doing anything - behind the computer. Today, I can not help but share with you the first two pictures of my cooperation with Ell Photography though. I am just that excited! Last week, we went to visit our - Elisabeth and I both lived in Haarlem at the time - former high school in order to shoot a series of 90s inspired pictures. As the late 90s and early 2000s were our high school days, we thought it would be fun to match the current 90s trend in fashion with our old environment. The goal was to picture a dream in which I went back to school and remember all the great times we had there. The first picture was taken in our old biology classroom and the second picture was taken in one of the dark hallways that our school houses. Those two spaces bring up so many memories: God only knows how many pieces of chewing gum I scratched from the bottom of those school benches as a settlement for some serious giggles.. 

As this is the first post in this series, let me introduce you to the talented Ell Photography. The girl behind the camera is Elisabeth de Vires. Elisabeth is an upcoming fashion photographer, who works part-time for the well-known fashion photographer Paul Bellaart. She told me that she regularly travels to the most inspiring locations when assisting Paul on a shoot. Just think of the beautiful places that appear in Vogue and Glamour and you get the picture. Elisabeth is quite humble about all this, but I have to admit that I was in shock when she told me. Sounds like every girl's dream right?!

Besides her work for Paul, she also runs her own company called Ell Photography where she does a lot of work for individuals. Great news to all fashionable boys and girls, as it gives us the opportunity to book our own shoots for special occasions. Having at least one great picture of yourself is something that I recommend to everybody. Think of a professional picture for your LinkedIn profile and résumé, a more casual picture for things like a blog and social media profiles and at least one just for fun. So that, when we are old and wrinkled in about thirty - forty years, we will always remember what a babes we were in our younger years. ;-) 

What I love about Elisabeth is not only the fact that she is incredibly creative and takes beautiful pictures, but also that she had the balls to switch her career from being an Art History graduate to being a fashion photographer. No bullshit, just a talented girl that works hard to make her dream reality. Love it! There are eight other pictures to come in the next couple of days and I am really curious about your thoughts on those. They are pretty different from my normal outfit posts and as I am really excited about this more creative style of photography, I can not wait to hear your judgement. If you love the pictures, I recommend you to also take a look at Elisabeths portfolio. Maybe a shoot like this is something you would love to do too? 

Have a lovely Wednesday and talk to you soon!




Ph. by Elisabeth de Vires - Ell Photography

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