amsterdam based young artists merijn kavelaars

As I state in my bio that I am not only crazy about fashion, but at least just as crazy about art, I thought I should share with you my current obsessions. There is not one medium that I prefer, I find them all equally interesting. Paintings, photographs and mixed media, I love it all. Especially when it is made by young and talented artists. Do not get me wrong, I love to stroll around the Stedelijk Museum to gaze at a Mondriaan or C├ęzanne, but there is just something about raw talent that still needs to be discovered by the big masses.

As we knew quite a few people that were making beautiful works of art - I actually hate the word art and think that we should rename it. - but were not doing so professionally, me and my friend Anne started our own little art company called Vers Vlees 020 a little over two years ago. Not that there is anything wrong with amateur art, but it is a shame if no one but friends and family get to enjoy those pieces. 

Over the years, we have exhibited a number of young Amsterdam based talents in public spaces in the city. Right now, we are working on a exhibition for May/June and are setting up a new gallery with an Amsterdam based company. In order to stay up to date 'talent wise' we have to keep our eyes out for what is new on the art block. And as I know you are probably art lovers too - You may not know it yet, but if you love fashion you love art. - I thought I would share with you some of my favorite young and Amsterdam based artist.

Looking for the next Picasso? Keep you eye out for these artists! And do not say I did not tell you so when they turn out to be the next best thing.

amsterdam based young artists merijn kavelaars

1. Merijn Kavelaars
Merijn is starting to get noticed in the art scene and I think that he is the most successful artist from this list at the moment. Just like I can fall in love with the melody of a song, I can fall in love with the colors of a painting. And that is exactly what Merijn's work does to me. The color schemes and thin black lines - almost illustrative at times - make me feel at ease and happy. Even though there might be dirty little men staring at me from that painting. 

amsterdam based young artists charlie dot

2. Charlie Dot
When we organized an exhibition called Hans & z'n Vrienden almost one year ago, I was introduced to the work of Charlie Dot. I instantly loved it. Her way of drawing and finishing the works digitally makes them so light and easy on the eye. And looking at her work, it might not come as a surprise to you that she already works for several fashion magazines as an illustrator?

amsterdam based young artists wesley de leeuw

3. Wesley de Leeuw
A little while ago I met Wesley and talking to him made me realize: This guy should be able to make a living out of art. He is an artist. From that point on I decided to follow his work and see how his journey to becoming an artist takes form. Right now we are working on an exhibition with Wesley in May/June and I am curious which works he will exhibit. 

I am especially fond of this work. Although it seems like someone randomly pasted confetti on a canvas, Wesley actually placed every dot (it is a painting) strategically in order to reach the perfect balance between the bold colors. His website is a bit outdated and shows a lot of his old work. I really hope that Wesley will explore this dot experiment further as I think that it is something new in modern art, while linking back to older trends.

amsterdam based young artists tobias asser
amsterdam based young artists tobias asser

4. Tobias Asser
I think Tobias Asser is one of the most memorable people I have met in the art scene. Low key, authentic, shabby chique. We have exhibited his work several times (autobiographic photographs), but as he is also part of a writers pack called A Blow of Words we did a small festival tour together last Summer.  

I love to see how Tobias' works evolve. From a lot of nudity he is now also experimenting with a more abstract form of photography. An experiment I really like! 

amsterdam based young artists kick zeilstra

5. Kick Zeilstra
Kick is one of the guys, because of whom we started VV020. Kick is insanely talented, but not that into organizing his own exhibitions. He has been traveling the past 5 months, but when he is back I can not wait to get together soon to plan a new exhibition. I already have a really cool place in mind, but I can not tell you much about it yet.

Unfortunately, Kick's website was accidentally erased by his web hosting company and therefore I can only show you a little bit of his work. I love his use of primary colors and bold statements. A little explicit maybe, but so beautifully done. I can imagine that his work is liked most by the guys though. ;-)

So, these are in my opinion the hottest young Amsterdam based artists at the moment. So curious of your opinion.

Which artist do you like best and why?

Happy Wednesday!

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