hmxisabelmarant jeans outfit

hmxisabelmarant jeans outfit
hmxisabelmarant jeans outfit

Although I have bought some pretty nice winter gear, I find myself wearing my spring coats already. The weather is just not cold enough for beanies, scarfs and woolen coats over woolen sweaters. Not that I am complaining by any means. I mean, who does not look forward to spring? But wearing a bomber jacket in the beginning of February just seems abnormal and I find myself dressing springish once more. 

Anyway, enough about clothes. As you might know I run a small art organization called Vers Vlees 020. Due to my recent move and my colleagues upcoming move to America we took a little break this winter. I even contemplated quitting for a brief moment, but I decided that that would be such a shame. Yesterday I met up with a young Amsterdam based artist to talk about a new exhibition we are organizing. I can not tell you much yet, but I am so exited! As we are looking for more talented artist to join in on this exhibition, I thought I would ask you. 

Which (unknown) artist should we definitely exhibit?

Really curious of your ideas. Happy Wednesday!

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