mercedez benz fashion week amsterdam 2014 rebecca ward

The goal when shooting runway reports is to capture the perfect still of a moving model. So sharp that one can define the hairs on her arm and all the details in her dress. But sometimes an untended blurriness can add to the picture. Make it something more than it would have been when it would be the perfect still. Take the photograph above. Personally I love the blurriness. It gives it just the right edge to make it more than fashion. This photo is not just about the dress. It captures the model at her most vulnerable moment. Or actually the designer at her most vulnerable moment. Or maybe both. In any case, this is the moment when the fashion professionals decide wether the design is any good. Can you feel the tension already?

I am curious if you feel the same way. It might not be the best runway picture ever made, but isn't it sometimes more important that a picture really does something to you? Make you feel like you should watch it over and over again?

Happy Monday!

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