musthave trends for spring summer 2014

musthave trends for spring summer 2014 all white
musthave trends for spring summer 2014 crop top
musthave trends for spring summer 2014 monochrome
musthave trends for spring summer 2014 flowers
musthave trends for spring summer 2014 art school
musthave trends for spring summer 2014 sheer panels

It is Wednesday and time for a list again. With Spring - and for the real positively minded among us even Summer - in sight, smart girls are evaluating their wardrobes by now in order to make a list of what to shop for the coming season. And as I know you are all smart girls, I thought I would help you make a jumpstart. Picking as much Dutch fashion bloggers as I can for you to visit for more style inspiration. So here we go: my top 7 musthaves for Spring-Summer 2014!

1. Fringes
So happy that fringes are back! Although I love a minimal look, I also love a bit of a bohemian feel. Not too much, but leather fringed jackets are just awesome. And leather fringed clutches like the one above may even better. If you got the Isabel Marant x HM fringed boots in november, take them out as much as you can. You clearly have made a smart investment!

Style guru: Rosanna Gentenaar

2. White wide legged pants
Yes, we have seen those before but they sure are a musthave next season. So clean up your eating habits, because no spots aloud here!

Style guru: Ivania Carpio

3. The crop top
Almost a year ago, we first saw the crop top making its comeback on the streets and catwalks again. So '90s and so lovable. Accept for the fact that it requires perfectly trained abs. And although a lot of us probably skipped this trend last winter, we'd better monetize our gym subscriptions now because these tops are here to stay. I like them in almost every form, but just not on me. Yet...

Style guru: Yara Michels

4. Mo-no-chrome patterns.
 It is hard to go wrong with this one. We have seen them mostly in graphic prints, but everything goes here!

Style guru: Rebecca Laurey 

5. Florals
Like almost every Spring, florals will dominate the collections the coming weeks. These year's florals are feminine, but I like them a bit with an edge. Like the floral printed jacket above. 

Style guru: Lisa Dengler

6. Arty 
If you are an art lover like me, you will probably love this trend. Although I had to get used to it a little bit I am loving this trend way more than last year's pop-art trend. Especially Celine's blown up brush strokes are amazing. This trend is fun, full of life and creative. What more do we want for a sizzling Summer?

Style guru: Susie Bubble

7. Pastels
Pastels are back, just read my fashion school post and you will be up to date. 

Style guru: Linda Tol

Which trend are you going for this Spring and Summer?

Happy Wednesday!

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Ph. credits My Free Choice / Jade Pillar / Monica Rose / Your Style Forecast / Who What Wear / Untitled Magazine / We Heart It

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  1. Wat een leuke post met de perfecte style guru's!

  2. leuke post en extra leuk met die guru's erbij :)



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