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At Fashion Week I had a conversation with a few girls about Amsterdam's best kept secrets when it comes to clubbing. Now I know that it all comes down to taste - I guess we are not likely to see Marilyn Manson in a jazz club - but I thought it would be fun to share with you my favorite place to go out for drinks and dancing. I already told you about my preference for Club NYX. But as things only start heating up after 1 AM over there, me and my girls always go out for some pre-clubbing drinks first. Our goal? To find the best live music in town. Preferably in a small bar with a mysterious vibe and where they serve a killer Gin Tonic. 

A few years ago we randomly ended up at Club Dauphine. A restaurant at first sight, but what not many people know is that they host the best professional jamming session in Amsterdam. In a small lounge, hidden in the back of the building, performers like Waylon, Trijntje, Leona, Birgit Lewis and Candy Dulfer often come by to join the amazing house band for a jam. I always really enjoyed Dauphine's traditional club night on Friday's, but lately they have changed the concept a bit to attract a slightly younger crowd on Saturday nights. This concept is called DANDY and is maybe even more mysterious. If not for the fact that DANDY only takes place occasionally, it is for the fact that the more seasoned artists are interspersed with young, raw talent. 

I attended the first DANDY in my X-mas holiday and I just heard that Saturday, the next edition takes place! I am so excited! So if you are in Amsterdam this Saturday and are looking for a place that breathes downtown New York to have some drinks with your girls, go here! I assure you that you will not regret it. DANDY is also the perfect place to bring your date though, as the vibe is just so relaxed and sexy. Make sure to reserve your tickets rather quickly as the line-up is going to be amazing: Leona, Wudstik and Sherry Dyanne are just a few of the performing artists.

For more info about DANDY, check out their Facebook page or event page.

Hope to see you there! Because don't forget: TGIF!


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