mercedes benz fashion week amsterdam 2014 aziz bekkaoui

mercedes benz fashion week amsterdam 2014 aziz bekkaoui
mercedes benz fashion week amsterdam 2014 aziz bekkaoui

So I did not only attend the Mattijs show last thursday, I also could not wait for the show of fashion artist Aziz Bekkaoui. Such an honor to be able to see his return to the catwalk live! Aziz presented a totally different story than Mattijs. While Mattijs' collection was colorful and light, Aziz sent his models down the runway wearing all black everything. Being a sucker for everything leather and lace - does that sound weird - my heart skipped a beat when I saw some beautifully made lace dresses and sweaters with leather lace-up sleeves. The collection was clearly influenced by military silhouettes as there was a constant flow of bomber jackets and combat boots coming up and down the runway. So lucky for us, as we all probably bought ourselves some grunge inspired pieces from this season's collections already, we are all set for fall-winter '14/'15. Just brush those Doc Martens off again and you are good to go! 

Although Aziz also showed some wearable pieces, my favorite pieces were the more extravagant ones. There was an amazing full and embroidered red skirt, the ultimate and over the top black lace dress and a bomber jacket with arms so big that they could only make a statement. Leaving it up to us to decide which statement that is. To me the collection is the ultimate melting pot of cultures, contrasts and current social developments. And Aziz made us see that there is only beauty to be found in that. We just have to step out of our comfort zone. We are happy to have you back Aziz!

To see more of the collection just head over to the Fashion Week photo & video section here or just check out this runway video. I can not wait to hear your reviews of both collections! 


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