mercedes benz fashion week amsterdam 2014 mattijs

mercedes benz fashion week amsterdam 2014 mattijs
mercedes benz fashion week amsterdam 2014 mattijs

You have probably read the reviews somewhere else already, but I just have to share with you my favorite moments of the Mattijs and Aziz Bekkaoui shows on the fashion week opening night last thursday. So let's start with Mattijs! 

Mercedez-Benz presents MATTIJS
When the lights faded, I could not help my heart beating just a little faster. I call it the fashion week rush, as it is the only way I can describe the excitement I feel when waiting for a hopefully marvelous show. A fiery red haired singer rose from the mysterious smoke and started singing an a capella version of Starry, starry night. "But I could have told you Vincent, the world was never meant for one as beautiful as you." A short but palpable silence was interrupted by and eclectic music mix  and girls in skirts an dresses inspired by the art of Vincent van Gogh started walking up and down the runway. Although I am not the usual girly girl that wears a lot of girly clothes, I was really intrigued by the beautifully executed two-toned pleated skirts and traditional looking fabrics. Those thick fabrics in rich colors, that we do not see often in modern clothes anymore, were counterbalanced by chunky necklaces. A feast for the eyes of an art and fashion loving person like me. 

I know some critics wrote that some of the pieces weren't looking as young and fresh, a little outdated maybe even, but overall I think that Mattijs found the right balance between history and future and between the art of Vincent van Gogh and fashion. And who could not love the amazingly beautiful looking models? You can click here if you would like to see all the pieces of the collection or just watch this catwalk video.

I will upload the post on the show of Aziz A.S.A.P! :-)
Happy Saturday!

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