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Did you party yesterday? 
- No, why? 
Well, because you are looking awfully tired dear.
- Oh well, thanks.

This exact conversation I am having increasingly so lately. People seem to think that I am not getting enough rest and I must say, I can not blame them. A few weeks ago I turned 27 and - much to my regret - I think that it is starting to show. I was not really aware of this fact, until I planned a photo swapping date with two of my closest friends from high school. On a Sunday morning we got together for a few hours of fun flipping through old pictures, when we realized that when we were younger we would probably never have agreed to meet on a Sunday morning over coffee. Especially not for flipping through our past. For one, because when we were 16/17 we would much rather look forward to our future and second, because we probably would still be in bed after drinking one too many drinks the night before. Waking up flawless around 11 o clock. I still have one too many drinks sometimes, but the waking up flawless part? Not so much.

But okay, looking a bit wrinkled the morning after a party is still pretty legit. Looking like a young - I repeat: young - Sharpei on a Tuesday morning after 9 hours of sleep is a different story. I got lines! Damn it. I mean the changing of behavior is one thing, but the changing of the face? 

I remember that I used to be one of those kids who would say things like: "Oh, but you just have to embrace getting older." or "Do not worry. Wrinkles are just like a map of your experiences that you always carry with you. You should be proud of them!" Well, I can tell you that those thoughts poofed on that particular Sunday morning. I mean, it is not that I would still like to look like I did back in my late teens or early twenties. Because lines or no lines, flipping through those old pics made me and my friends realize something: Although we looked young and fresh, we definitely did make some mistakes in the fashion department. I recall us wearing a lot of neon, spandex and other  Britney-like clothing back in the day. You know? It is just that I would hate to forever look tired. I would hate that people would ask me the above question every day. And so I am finding my way to the drugstore easier than I did before. I invested in a new foundation - my first Chanel, whoop. If that is not grown up, I do not know what is. - and concealer, got myself a new day cream and am on the hunt for the best serum and eye cream out there. On a budget that is though, because I already learned that youth does not come cheap.

But maybe it is not only the aging. Maybe I should just get my 27 year old ass to bed earlier and not ask so much from myself the whole time. It is just that there are so many lovely things do to in this city. It just never stops. 

Have a happy - and rested - Monday!

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