Part of the reason why I love following blogger Yara, is that she has the same love for fluffy items (preferably jackets) as me. They just seem to have a magnetic effect on me, with the result that each season starts with browsing the web for new fluffy finds. (exhibit a, b and c and... d) A few weeks ago I found the most amazing one at H&M. And as my addicted self decided to resist the temptation, this time I left the store without it. Leaving me with such a nagging feeling that only love can create. (yes, love for items and for people. ;-)) 

Not too surprising, my fellow blogger and fur loving Yara showcased the jacket on her blog ThisChick' And as I was just starting to get over the pain, I find myself being back at square one. Leaving me with a question that only my readers can answer: 

So, should I do it? 

Happy Thursday!

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    1. Ja echt he? Ooooo... misschien straks na werk even snel de stad in. Keep you posted! ;-)


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