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Good morning you little roosters! You might have noticed that I skipped writing in Dutch on the blog. For a few months, I tried my hardest to make the best of it. But I noticed that the writing in two languages (and therefore basically writing two articles) affected my creativity. Therefore, I will give you my best English. Once and for all. Hope the Dutchies among you do not mind. I still love you as much as before. :p

You might also have noticed that New York fashion week is in full swing right now. Hitting us in the face with the newest spring trends. Yes, I hear you think: Spring??? Yes, we are already talking spring here. And although something about it just does not seem right (I mean, I have just started to collect some key pieces for fall/winter.), I am enjoying the collections to the fullest. Creating a little print loving monster inside of me..

Out of the overload of cool shows, I decided to show you some of my (less famous) favorites. Picture 1 to 4 are from the NOON by NOOR label. (visit their website here) A really fresh and young looking label, that gets the art of playing around with shapes and prints. Their clothes are feminine, but as they are combined with chunky shoes and long hippie-like hair it does not get too sweet. Their fall/winter collection is worth looking at also by the way. A little bit more on the geeky side, but those amazing bomber jackets (yes, you know me by now.. ;-)) are not to there to remain unnoticed. 

The last two pics are from the NICOLE MILLER show. (visit her website here) As my latest blogpost proofs, I seem to have accumulated the virus that is called 'pirates of the Caribbean gone toreador in a classic way'. Showing by much of lace, prints, wide sleeves, skinny jeans and heavily embroidered jackets. I have always been a sucker for this way of dressing and I am happy that after fall, it seems like we can also get away with it in spring. Wearing less black and more muted colors though, but still.

Have you checked out the New York shows already? And if so, which one is your favorite?
Happy Tuesday!

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